Last Update for 2019

Hi Friends,

This is the last update for 2019 unless something spectacular happens.

  1. Book #1 will be released 2/5/2020. I’ll post a link when it’s available. Thank you to all those who wrote a blurb for it.
  2. I’m rewriting part of Book #2. I’m giving myself until 11/30 to finish it. A publisher is interested in seeing the entire manuscript. Fingers crossed.
  3. Book #3 is the memoir/poetry collection. A publisher wants to release it summer 2020.
  4. The song I co-wrote is trending on Reverbnation. It’s #32 on the Scottish charts. Blows my mind. The link to I RISE and my co-writer’s other songs are here:
  5. I published 7 poems/short stories this year. I didn’t get close to last year’s 18 publications but it’s okay.
  6. I’m writing more songs for 2020. I have exciting news but can’t release the details yet.
  7. Book #4 is a family saga. I’m deciding if it’s going to be a standalone novel or a long short story for another short story collection.
  8. Books #5,6,7 will be a trilogy about a female shaman. I’ve written the outline and some of the first book. I hope to finish end of 2020. Would love to see these as movies.